Knime 4.3 - Erlwood missing Chemical Reaction File Reader

one one Linux system I installed a fresh Knime 4.3, on another I updated from 4.2 to 4.3 (both Ubuntu 20 LTS)
In both, when opening a previous workflow that is using the “chemical reaction file reader” node that particular node seems to be missing now.
Knime asks to search and install, but then realizes that Erlwood already is installed…
What happened?

Hi @docminus2,

The chemical reaction file reader node is currently not yet available for KNIME 4.3.
It uses the Chemaxon library which makes it incompatible with the licensing requirements for KNIME community nodes. We are working on providing these nodes in a separate extension in the future.


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That means I will have to stick to 4.2 for a while then.

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