KNIME 4.3 -- Output tables don't show any rows

Hi Mark,

  1. There are no errors in the console.

  2. There are some errors in the log, not sure if they are related see attached.
    knime_log_07_12_2020.txt (3.6 KB)

  3. I used the update feature from the workbench to update (4.2.3 - 4.3.0 on windows 10)

  4. The issue is occurring for all output for all nodes that i have tested i.e. csv, excel, excel (deprecated), table, database table, File list, string manipulator, column resorter. The nodes do appear to execute but viewing the output does not work. see attached images (screenshots from the output of column resorter node).



  5. OS language is English.

  6. The output does report the correct number of rows and columns

  7. Your attached workflow produced the same issue

  8. In addition (it may help diagnose issue). using the “Extract Context Properties” node produce no output