Knime 4.3: Python View: Executable not found

Howdy folks… running into this funky issue with Python - Knime integration.
Error when I “Execute Script” in Python View node:
The kaleido executable is required by the kaleido Python library, but it was not included in the Python package and it could not be found on the system PATH.
Searched for included kaleido executable at:

  • C:\Users\someuser.conda\envs\py3_knime\lib\site-packages\kaleido\executable\kaleido*

Context/Use Case: Using Plotly Express for Scatter Plot, and then outputting as an image in Python View node. Plotly needs ‘write_image’ to generate an image. The dependency is Kaleidoscope.

Here are the steps I have taken/verified using conda:
Python 3.6.12
Knime Python Environment: py3_knime
Plotly package installed on py3_knime environment
Kaleido packed installed on py3_knime environment
Verified packages installed with Conda list for py3_knime environment

I’m no python champ, so if anyone has any suggestions, all ears!

Hi @wtfstoops69 and welcome to the forum -

I wasn’t able to get kaleido to work either - I ran into the same problem you did, and couldn’t find the kaleido executable on my system to point to. I found a thread on Github indicating this had been a problem recently:

Ultimately I did an end-around and used the other package that Plotly can write images with - orca.

To do this I had to install both psutil and orca with conda, and include the location of the orca executable in my Windows PATH (which in my case was C:\Users\Scott\Anaconda3\envs\py3_knime_dl\orca_app). Once I did this I was able to use the new Python Script node to generate a static image.

Sample workflow attached: Plotly_Orca_Image_Output_Example.knwf (19.0 KB)

Ultimately, I’m pretty sure this is a kaleido problem as opposed to a KNIME issue. Nevertheless, I hope this helps!


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