Knime 4.3 - Redhat : Table's don't display

Updatd to 4.3 on Redhat 7.5 and now tables do not display correctly, all rows and columns are reduced to single cell

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Same issue for Windows 10

Hi @onur and @ajc, are there any errors or warnings in the KNIME log or console when opening the table or executing the respective node?

Hi hornm, please see a response to the question here: KNIME 4.3 -- Can't read CSV content and config Table creator node

i have the same problem. I attach my knime error log

@Smue and @onur,

can you confirm that you have the erlwood extension installed? Seems like this extension (to be precise the core) is causing the problem, see here

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Dear Mark,

I can confirm Erlwood extensions were the problem. Uninstalling solve the problem in Linux.


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The erlwood extensions have been updated and no longer cause this issue. I am sorry for any inconvenience this caused.


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