KNIME 4.4.1 on Ubtuntu 20.04 does not open workflow (is super slow?)

I use Ubuntu 20.04 with KNIME forwarded by X. I tried KNIME-full (with all extension) and normal KNIME without any addidional extensions and currently no anti virus.

KNIME does not open its sample workflows: If I double click, the “Description” is shown but nothing else happens for minutes.
If I try to import my own simple workflows, it takes minutes to import it I then I kill unfinished KNIME.
If I try to create a new workflow, nothing happens after entering the workflow name.

The logile /knime-workspace/.metadata/knime/knime.log is empty.

It is the RAM size configured in knime.ini. I wonder why KNIME-full with all extension is configured with only 2 gigs of RAM. I raised it to 10 gigs.


Hello @spider,

glad you figured it out. I’m not aware of “KNIME-full with all extension” available somewhere. Where did you find it? Which version is it?


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I found it on KNIME Product Downloads 2021-06 | KNIME in the section “KNIME Server Executor”: For Linux it currently refers to

I see @spider. Tnx for sharing it.
Seems server related so changing to appropriate category.

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