Knime 4.5.1 how to read all sheet in excel

Knime 4.5.1 how to read all sheet in one excel, 4.5.1 excel reader node setting is different previous version .

Hi @Caibing , you can read the sheet names of the Excel file using the Read Excel Sheet Names node.

This will return you all the sheets names from the Excel file. You can then loop through them using the Table Row To Variable Loop. Within the loop, each of the sheet name will be available as a variable, which you can then use in the Excel Reader.

Something like this should do:

In the Excel Reader Settings, make sure you select the “Select sheet with name” option in the Sheet selection section (don’t mind what’s in the dropbox, it will get overwritten):

In the Flow Variables of the Excel Reader, just assign the variable to the sheet_name:

That should be it.

If your sheets have different structure, then you may want to check this box in the Loop End:

Alternatively, if you want to write each sheet to a separate CSV file, you can also do it this way:

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but I cannot set in sheet selection,

Hi @Caibing , that is because, as the message says, you are not pointing to valid excel file. The file you are pointing to does not exist.

@bruno29a ,yes, You are right,
1,data from office 365 one drive(sharepoint) file.

2,So I don’t know how to set excel read node. no input data.

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