Knime 4.6.5 python scripts (Labs) error

For special reasons, I need to run the program on version 4.6.5, but I have searched for and tried every method to fix this error, but all have failed. I hope someone can help me in this case.

in python script (lab) this program run successful!

but, But in reality, I am still encountering the error

Any help is highly appreciated

@quangdatitc theses things:

  • check at which point the script does fail by executing parts of it within the node
  • see if there are any fancy python columns that might not be supported
  • turn off Columnar Backend to test
  • if everything fails you can try and export the data thru parquet

Hi @quangdatitc,
This looks like a bug in the columnar backend. The “Python Script (Labs)” node (just “Python Script” since 4.7) is based on the columnar backend for transferring data between the KNIME process and the Python process. The error is not very descriptive but seems to have something to do with a cache of the columnar backend. Therefore, you could try setting the sizes of all caches to 0 on the “Columnar Backend” preference page.
If you do not need to use the “Labs” node you could switch to the “Python Script” node (“Python Script (legacy)” since 4.7). Additionally, I would be interested if the bug is still present in newer versions of KNIME Analytics Platform. If you have the possibility to test that, that would be highly appreciated.


thanks @mlauber71 and @bwilhelm for support.
The cause of the issue lies in the installation of the extension. I am using version 4.6.5, but I am using the analytics platform from version 4.5. Due to some company regulations, I cannot download directly from the official website, but the problem has been resolved. Thank you very much, everyone.


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