Knime 4.7 installation error on mac

Error while installing KNIME 4.7 on mac. Earlier 4.6 was installed and working properly but was not able to get updated to the latest version so uninstalled 4.6 and now trying to install 4.7. Please find the attached error.

Hi @DineshS and welcome to the KNIME Forum.

Could you please tell us on which Mac and OS version you are trying to install KNIME 4.7?

In my case, I am currently running it on a MacBook Air M1 (macOS Monterrey 12.6).

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Please find the attached details.


Any updates here?

@DineshS have you considered to update your machine to the latest available version of the macOS operating system available for your hardware?

Maybe a silly question, but are you making sure to download the x86_64 version of the installer for MacOS, and not the arm64 version?

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Yes, it is the correct version. In his screenshot one can see that it is the x86_64.dmg and not the aarch64.dmg

:man_facepalming: Silly question confirmed

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