Knime 4.7 update issue - Important

Hello, I just upgraded my Knime to 4.7. It has been restarted but it is freezed in first screen and Knime is not starting.

Hi @Tugrul and welcome to the Knime Community.

Can you please explain how you did the update?

Can you also try to add this at the top of your knime.ini file and save?

You should remove it after you try starting the application.

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Same here. It does not open.

Dear @bruno29a,

I decided to get back to 4.6. I couldn’t try your recommendation. After stabilization, I will update it to 4.7. Thx !

@Tugrul , @migueldevezas so you by any chance use Apple Silicon? There is a problem with some data formats and already a ticket that might be related:

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Hi @mlauber71

I am using Windows environment but thank you for your information.
I uninstalled KNIME yesterday and re-install it.
For the moment, it is working without any problems/constraints.

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same here. Windows 10.