Knime 5.1.0 Modern UI: Does not allow installing folder of components from Knime Hub

Hi All,

I have switched to knime 5.1.0 and started using the Knime Modern UI. However, I found a bug. In the classic UI, you can drag and drop a folder from knime Hub into your workflow then it brings up a dialog that allows you to import into your local workspace.

However, when I do the same thing in the modern UI, then nothing happens. You can only install one component at a time by dragging it from knime hub to your worflow

So when you drag the “Automation” folder into your worflow i.e.

… then in the classic UI you will see the following dialog

But doing the same drag and drop of a folder from knime hub in the modern UI does not do anything.


Hi @photon,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes, you are right. This feature is not available in Modern UI yet but we have it in our list.
You can still download a folder from Hub to your local space form the space explorer: Sing in to Hub and navigate to the desired folder, right click and select “Download to local space”.

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Hi Armin

Thanks for the confirmation.

I can indeed download folders but that seems limited only to my public/private spaces in the explorer in the Modern UI. Also in the Classic UI, I can “EXAMPLES” but I do not see the same in Modern UI.

Is there a way to download folders from a knime hub space which is not in my public/private space in the Modern UI?


Regarding the KNIME Community Hub spaces in Space/KNIME Explorer, you can view your spaces and the spaces to which you have read and write access permission. e.g. when a space owner gives you access to their public space. Currently, the drag and drop form Hub to Modern UI is not possible but I added your feedback to our list. For now, you can first download and then import workflow groups/components (.knar) in Modern UI.

Yes, we have it in our list and I added your feedback as well.

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