Knime 5.1 - console in the new UI

I can’t find console in the new UI in kNIME 5.1 preview. Could you please point me to it.

Hi @Schroedinger ,
Currently, the new UI does not have a console. But I have asked internally if and when it is planned to add.

Will let you know if there is an update on it.


Hello, I just downloaded the 5.1.Version.
It was announced that it would contain diverse OpenAI Nodes to connect via API.
I cant find them and i cant find the Chatbot QnA nor the Build Chatbot also. That all were features annouced in your Webinar this week.
Do you know how and when i can access the new features, Im very curious about them.

Best greetings from Germany

Go in to install extensions and type “Open” in the search. There is an option under “KNIME Community Extensions - Other” called “KNIME AI Extension”

There are also nodes in NodePit called “OpenAI Nodes”, if you have NodePit setup as an available software site.


Hello everyone, I’m interested in 5.1 as well. So after uninstalling 4.7.5 for 5.1 is it necessary to reinstall all previous extensions + the new ones?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

I would recommend starting with a second ZIP install of 5.1 to test it out on your system and workflows.

Then once you are comfortable moving it over for “production use” with your workflows, you can just upgrade your main install rather than removing and reinstalling.

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