Knime 5.1 missing items

HI, I try to use Knime 5.1 (on MacOS) my old workflows and miss heavily some items:

  1. the console
  2. you can not open an executed table with a right-click. Therefore, you can not hilite rows or copy information
  3. It does not show the current heap space and you can not empty it manually by clicking.

Can you tell me how to access it in the new UI?

Thanks Jerry


Hi @Jerry,

The output table is now visible as soon as you select an executed node:

or after clicking on the yellow “Execute” button for a ready to execute node:

You can still copy values from the cells.

There are more features coming to Modern UI soon. Thank you for your patience and valuable feedbacks.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I use what you described but it’s still not quite the same.

In the former version you were able to drag the table to a different (split) window which was in many cases very useful.

Also the space you have is quite small for very large tables. I realize you could drag a table view node there and have then the old feeling but it’s complicated if you want to check several nodes of your workflow this way.

Thanks Jerry

Thank you @Jerry , I perfectly understand what you mean.

Regarding a separate output table, we have already a ticket: NXT-1923

Please keep bringing you valuable feedbacks.

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It would be great to bring that back (or mabye I have not found it yet). It is still there in the preferences tough …

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Hi @Jerry ,
Within the AP 5.2 release we have added the feature to open the table view in a new detached window via

  • the context menu, and
  • a button on top of the table.


Is there any news on bringing back the “Console” to the Modern UI?
Before I switch to the Modern UI this is a must.

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