KNIME 5.1 Tree view for node list


Just wondering if there is at least a way to collapse the nodes so that only the top level groupings are displayed, almost like the old Tree-View list? Having to scroll all the way down to find specific group of nodes each time is annoying. If we can click on the item for example “Manipulation” and then it expands to show nodes, that would be nice. Then if you collapse all you can quickly find the “View” or “DB” nodes, then expand and see the related nodes under that.


Dear @Willem,

We have added this to our list to investigate it further.

Thank you for your feedback.


That is great to hear. Another suggestion would also be to display nodes alphabetically in the new UI as it makes it difficult to go through the list of nodes when they are not sorted to find something based on the name of the node which normally suggests the functionality of the node.

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Just another suggestion. As far as I know it is easier for a human to find and item in a list if the items are at least sorted alphabetically. Maybe that would be a great start as well:

I am looking for the new reporting nodes. To be honest, it seems to be very difficult to find something in this list of nodes.

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