KNIME 5.1: Workflow Editor not responding

I am using KNIME 5.1 and I changed the default setting in the Workflow Editor dialogbox, as shown in the screenshot. But the change is not takeing affect :frowning:

Dialogbox says the changes will take effect in the new Workflows only, so i created a new Workflow, but it is still not listening me. The Dialogbox suggests me to use “Workflow Editor Setting Toolbar” button to have a grid view. But i m unable to find this toolbar. Not only the “Workflow Editor Setting Toolbar”, also the general toolbars are hidden, like File → Import or Export Preferences etc are not visible.

Any Idea :thinking:?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @MyGravity,

The mentioned settings are applicable to the classic UI and the settings page in the screenshot is under KNIME classic user interface.

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Hi @armingrudd,
thanks for the reply. The above mentioned screenshot of dialogbox is from KNIME 5.1. If dialogbox is given and options are given as well, so i suppose it is meant for KNIME 5.1.
by the way the dialogbox of KNIME Classic, which is shown below, is different in appearance and options.

If i switch back to KNIME Classic then of course i have the classic Workflow Editor but i lose all other nice things of KNIME 5.1. this is why i am irritated by KNIME 5.1, because its Workflow Editor does not respond to new settings.

looking forward :smiley:

Dear @MyGravity,

Yes, you are right. The preferences can be reached via Modern UI as well. The “Workflow Editor” settings under “KNIME classic user interface” in preferences applies to the old UI. The current available settings related to Modern UI can be found in “KNIME Modern UI”.

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Yes, the dialogbox is a available in KNIME 5.1. Could you please test, if the change in settings show any effect, e.g. if you Check the “Show Grid” option and Uncheck the “Curve connections” option?

Yes the preferences works as expected. Maybe there is a confusion here so let me explain it a bit:
KNIME 5.1 comes with a new UI which we call Modern UI. It also supports the old UI (classic). You can switch between both UIs. The settins you have mentioned is only applicable to the classic UI.

The first screenshot you shared is the workflow editor settings for all new workflows in classic UI. So, if you update those settings, it applies to all new workflows that you create afterwards. The second screenshot is the same workflow editor settings (available in classic UI mode) for each workflow and applies to the same workflow you are editing.

“The settins you have mentioned is only applicable to the classic UI.”
1- do i understand right that in Modern UI, we have only curved connectors and we can not have Grid background in the Workflow as well?
2- do i understand right that if i still want to have Grid background and line connectors (instead curve connectors) i have to switch to KNIME Classic?
3- is it right, using Classic UI means, using really the older version? because in Classic UI the benefits of KNIME 5.1 disappear, e.g. how the data is displayed.

Yes. You are right.

Correct. You can switch from Modern UI to the classic UI by going to info page (the little “i” icon at the top right of the screen) and then selecting " Switch to KNIME classic user interface". And from classic UI there is a button at the top right of the KNIME workbench “Open KNIME Modern UI” to switch to Modern UI.

Wrong. If you have installed KNIME AP 5.1, then even if you use the classic UI (the old UI with workflow grids…), you are still using the 5.1 version with all the new features and updates. Classic and Modern UIs (user interface) refer to the way KNIME Analytics Platform looks. As you mentioned, like the output tables. In the classic UI, you have to right click on a node and open the output table, but in the Modern UI, it will be displayed when an executed node is selected. And a lot more…

If you have any feedbacks or ideas please feel free to share here.

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oh no! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :disappointed_relieved:
in the Classic UI the curve connectors have “joints” as marked in the screenshot below.
how can we get these joints on the curve connectors in Modern UI? or is it also not available in Modern UI?


There are some features which are not in Modern UI yet. Like this one you mentioned and we have a ticket for it (NXT-191).

Thanks for sharing good news, and also thanks for the chat :grinning:

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