Knime 5.2.2 enforce inclusion/exclusion

Hi, im fairly new to knime and I just switched from version 4.4.4 to 5.2.2 and I noticed that there are no more enforce inclusion/exclusion buttons in nodes like DB Column Filter or Column filter, am I missing something ?. :slight_smile: Thx for help in advance.

Hi @IceEdge,

Welcome to the KNIME community.

With the new nodes it’s still there but the terminology is different.

This is the old Column Filter with “enforce exclusion” set

As you may already know, because enforce exclusion is set here, this means that any columns not currently present in the Exclude side (i.e. future / current unspecified columns) will be added to the included side.

So, this is how that config would look in the new Column Filter:

If the alternative were the case, and you wanted to exclude any new columns, in the old UI you do this:

This is saying that the inclusion of the stated (included) columns is enforced, and so if any new/currently unspecified columns appear in the future, they should be excluded.

So this is how that is configured in the new UI:

So the bit you may have not realised was that the “Any unknown columns” label acts like a column and can be moved from one side to the other

Effectively the terminology has changed, but the meaning is the same:

Old UI New UI
Enforce EXCLUSION INCLUDE Any Unknown Columns
Enforce INCLUSION EXCLUDE Any Unknown Columns

I hope that helps.


Thank you very much for help :), you were right I just didnt think the button can be moved :).


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