KNIME 5.x modern user interface

Hello KNIMErs,

I like KNIME modern user interface, however I regularly switch to classic user interface to:

  1. Move around the workflow in outline panel.
  2. See the status of execution in console panel.
  3. Be able to maximize workflow editor to full screen or resizing down by double clicking application tab.

Is there any way to see outline and console panels or full screen view in KNIME 5.x version while using modern user interface?

I have searched the Forum, the web, and ‘KNIME Analytics Platform User Guide’ (updated on 8th January 2024) and found no answer.

Happy KNIMEing,

Hi Kaz,
We are working on a better console for the modern UI, but it is not ready yet. The outline panel seems kind of redundant to me, now that you can seamlessly zoom in and out of the workflow very easily. Why do you prefer the outline?
Maximizing the editor is possible by collapsing the left side panel and the table at the bottom, it does require two clicks instead of one now, though. Would you like to have a button that does that with one click, or is this good enough for you?

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Hi Alexander,

Ad. Console. OK, got it. I’ll wait patiently :slight_smile:
Ad. Outline. Zooming and/or scrolling is fine for ‘smaller’ workflows. However, while working with hounders of nodes and components, one can jump to the right part of the workflow with a single click.
Ad. Maximizing the editor. Well, it would be good to have a button to maximize or restore the editor panel with one click. And it would be ideal to double-click application tab to get the same result. One click in not a problem, unless one needs to do numerous extra clicks regularly.

Thank you for your prompt feedback,

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Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded this thread to the UI/UX devs. I am sure they will take it into account!
Kind regards,


Thank you, Alexander

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