KNIME AI Extensions - System / Instruction prompts

I am missing the functionality to define the general Instructions (as they are called in the OpenAI Playground) or System prompt as it is called in the API in the KNIME Agent Prompter. How can I achieve setting the overall behaviour of the LLM, instead of providing the context like "You are a… " in a very detailed way in each prompt? Thanks for the guidance if this is already possible today, if not please consider it as a feature request. Best regards

Hi @shierl -

Good question! Let me ask internally and see what I can find out out about this one.

Hi @shierl -

Here’s what I heard back:

The LLM Prompter does not allow this because it’s not part of that particular API. However, they can just use the Chat Model Prompter which allows to set the system message.

So how about giving the Chat Model Prompter a try?