KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4.0 problems

Am I the only one who has problems with 4.4.0? Is it a beta?
First it forced me to uninstall 4.3.3. Why?
Then it cannot use the old KNIME folder because it already exists. Great.
It cannot be deleted because it’s still in use. Amazing.

Then manually download all extensions again. :frowning:

Node Configuration windows (different nodes) randomly stuck for several seconds.
Loop start nodes sometimes stuck in “queued” state for no reason. No way to stop/reset anything, have to close and re-open workflow.
“Save As” Button is sometimes grayed out. Why?

4.4.0 feels more like a beta or alpha for me. :frowning:


Hi @afx

The switch from 4.3 to 4.4 is quite significant, because we upgraded the underlying java version. This requires a fresh installation and hence also the extensions need to be reinstalled (you can install multiple extensions at once via File → Install KNIME Extensions, if you know which extensions you need).

I could imagine windows defender or similar were still scanning files in the KNIME folder, preventing the uninstaller from properly finishing. I hope you found a way around this; at the altest after a restart you should be able to delete the folder.

Regarding the issues within KNIME; it would be a great help if you could monitor when exactly these issues come up. If you find a way to reproduce the issues, we would be happy to know, so that we can investigate what’s going wrong.

Kind regards


Out of previous experience I suggest:

  • always use the zip download and not the installer. that way you can run versions in parallel
  • export / import preferences
  • make a copy of your workspace for the new version and check if your workflows work and play around with new features. keep old version till you are sure new one works fine

I agree, the upgrading is a hassle, the longer the more. KNIME is the only app that I have ever used that somehow can’t update properly and needs a fresh install every other minor version. I do suspect the underlying issue is eclipse and not knime per se.

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Hi, thanks for your replies.

yes, I should have used the zip version and I should have read the release notes before.

I will pay attention which node’s configuration dialog stuck and report. It certainly often happens for Java Snippet and Column Expressions. Stuck means that the dialog windows needs a few seconds to close after hit “OK”. Maybe it needs to compile but it never took so long in 4.3.3. And it happens randomly for the same node and no matter if only one line of code or a lot of code inside.

I found that if the “Save As” is grayed out, I can click somewhere on the “Knime Explorer” and back into the workflow, after that “Save As” is active again. Strange.

Yes, I also have a problem with version 4.4.0 – when I attempt to add the CCG MOE nodes, it only loads some of them and then stops after an error message appears regarding the “coach”. I tried using the Zip and self-extracting archive, but these had the same problem. So, at the moment, I have reverted to using version 4.3.3, which works fine for me.

Hi @rjrich

would it be possible for you to share a workflow or error logs (<knime-workspace>/.metadata/knime/knime.log and <knime-workspace>/.metadata/.log) with us, so that we can investigate the issue?

Kind regards

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I echo the sentiment that it would be great to have a better system for reinstalling extensions. There needs to be some sort of system that remembers what extensions you had installed and at the very least auto-check them when you go to re-install them. What would be even better is if the installer could read what extensions you had installed previously and prompted the user to reinstall them as part of the upgrade.

additionally, it looks like I must have selected more extensions than I normally do this time because the installation is taking forever (1+ hours)… The percentage just stays still at 49% even though I can see additional packages are still downloading… It would be great if this percentage was updated more frequently.


Some nodes also became legacy as well since there are new version of nodes like Joiner. I was hoping to have some kind of workflow updater where it can replace those nodes with the new ones and make the connections automatically after receiving our approval. :frowning:
I think the previous version had that feature.

Also, if you use a fresh installation or a ZIP extraction, you need to put the “Available Software Sites” links to the settings (like Palladian) again.

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Hi Marvin,

Since encountering the problem with the MOE extensions, I have uninstalled KNIME 4.4.0 and reinstalled 4.3.3.

MOE tech support told me that the problem is with the MOE extensions and they are working on recompiling them to agree with the new code in KNIME. Because of many other priorities, they said that their new nodes might not be ready until sometime in August. In the meantime, KNIME 4.3.3 and MOE are working fine for me.


Best regards,



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