KNIME Analytics Platform - 4.5.0 Preview

We’d like to invite everyone to check out a preview of KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5.0, which is now available. Please note it is a preview build and by no means recommended for production. If you have any feedback, please let us know by next Wednesday, December 1st. The official release is planned for December 6.

The full (but still preliminary) changelog is available here. Relevant changes include:

  • Workflow Services, available via a set of nodes designed to build and call other workflows (supporting large data and dynamic and arbitrary data types)
  • Enhancements to the Python Scripting extension supporting direct access to KNIME’s table format, giving substantial speed-ups and support for larger-than-memory data
  • New integrations, such as a Generic S3 Connector to access S3-compatible storage systems (e.g. MinIO), a SharePoint Online List Reader (Labs) node and new nodes and enhancements to KNIME’s MongoDB integration.
  • Single Sign-On capabilities in more nodes and extensions, such as in SAP Reader, various Database connectors and REST client nodes.
  • A number of enhancements to, among others, the Excel processing nodes and workflow control nodes (loops and switches) supporting dynamic ports

If you’ve developed custom node extensions for KNIME, please test your extensions with this preview.

Download the preview from our build download page and take it for a test drive. Let us know about any problems, comments, or questions – ideally as soon as possible!


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