Knime analytics platform logo

I just noticed that knime analytics desktop shortcut logo has changed… is this for real or i have made changed it erroneously

I haven’t noticed any change. Can you upload a screenshot?


That is the Eclipse logo, which is the underlying environment that KNIME is built in. Are you working on node development? I have only seen this when doing a custom KNIME install for node development.

No i am not working on node development … but yes i have installed the 5.0 version which is pre release. the surprise is due to sudden change …for same build.

Strange… I will check mine when I get back into the office tonight as well. I have V5 installed along side of V4.7.2 and an Eclipse development environment, and haven’t had any issues through last night.

Everything is fine on my end. You can always go into the shortcut / program file in windows and re-assign the correct logo, otherwise I will leave this one to staff.


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