KNIME Analytics Platform on Amazon (AWS)


is it possibile to install free "KNIME Analytics Platform" on a Windows environment in an Amazon web server (AWS EC2) only for test purpose for personal use (without sharing the workflow with a team or throughout an organization)? Does it work?



From my experiance you can run an AWS machine like any other remote machine. For a windows based instance you can probably remote desktop in, from there it will be no different to working on any other windows machine so there should be no issues with running KNIME. 

Assuming you set an instance up with enough resources to run KNIME of course.



Ok, thank you very much Sam!

Hello Did you try it? Worked?

Hi there @hsrb,

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If you have EC2 instance on AWS you should be able to install KNIME Analytics Platform there without any problems :slight_smile:

Additionally check here for more info for KNIME (Platform and Server) on AWS.


Hello @ipazin
Thank you very much for your reply
My question is, once I install Knime Analytics Plattform into an EC2 Instance, would I be able to work with a REST API service?
The point is to take advantage of the AWS free tier over my research project, cause I have no need of using more computing power and hence don’t need to incur in associated costs.



KAP on an EC2 instance would only be KAP running on an EC2 instance; KNIME Server is the product which KNIME licenses that allows RESTful interactions.