Knime Analytics Platform update to 4.1.2 version

Hi Guys,

I just want to ask your opinion regarding the Knime 41.2. I am currently using 4.0.2 and I wan to to upgrade it to 4.1.2. Have you encountered some problems or stuffs after upgrading. Just wan to ask your opinion or experience before upgrading.

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I’ve encounter issues with upgrading. For patch releases it’s never an issue, eg last digit change, for minor version changes sometimes I have encountered problems.

My suggestions:

  • always have a backup of your workspace (makes sense anyway right?)
  • refresh said backup
  • export your KNIME preferences
  • do the update

If there is a problem and workspace gets corrupted, you still have a backup of your workspace. You can simply install the new version from scratch and point it to your existing workspace and import your preferences.

As additional comments, you can have 2 versions of knime running on your machine. One compatible with the server version and one on the bleeding edge. I’m mentioning this because if you don’t have the server there is no reason to not immediately upgrade to new releases.


Hi @beginner,

I already made a back up of all haha. Thanks for the response. I’ll do your other advice. I’m just worried that something bad might happen to my projects after upgrading. Thank you for this, really appreciate it!

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Hi there!

Agree! Possibly on external drive :smiley:

@Gambit my experience (both personal and from other users on forum) is that in most cases upgrading to new KNIME versions goes smoothly. Regarding version 4.1.2 I remember only one forum topic were user experienced problems…


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