Knime Analytics Platform vs KNIME Server versions

I Use 4.2.2 version of the knime Analytics platform. I have to develop a workflow which involves reading excel files from Google Drive and uploading to DB.
However I am unable to use the Excel reader node to connect to Google Drive Connection node in this version of the platform. Does this version not support this feature?
My knime server version is 4.11.6 . What versions of knime analytics platform can this version of Knime support, this is just so I can download the later version to be able to work on my use case.

@vibha43 I think that should be be possible. KNIME has updated the whole connection nodes so you might have to update to a later version like 4.4.x

I would also recommend the lengthy file handling guide that also covers such connections.


Thank you . I had another question. Is there any documentation or guide which would help tell the server version and knime platforms which are compatible? Can I use Platforms 4.5 and above for a server version of 4.11.6.?

Hi vibha43,

the matrix at the bottom of the following page indicates which Server and KNIME AP versions are recommended to be used together:

Using KNIME AP 4.5 with Server 4.11.6 is not recommended as the executor of the server is still on version 4.2.x. That means that in case you upload a workflow created in 4.5 to the server, it cannot execute this workflow as new or changed functionality is not yet available to the server’s executor. Using the new 4.5 functionality on the server would require an update to 4.14.0.
However, we recommend to wait for the first bug fix release (4.14.1) to do so, as this is currently the initial version of the 4.14 release line which we do not recommend for production environments yet.

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Thank you , the guide really helps.
Since the knime server version that we have currently is 4.11.6. .I am on knime 4.2.x platform. I have previously developed workflows which read gsheets using Google authentication, Google sheets Connection and Google sheets reader nodes.
But I am finding it difficult to download/read the excel files using Google Authentication and Google Drive Connection nodes in the 4.2.2 platform that I have. Is there any sample workflow that addresses this issue for that version?

Hello @vibha43,

As @julian.bunzel and @mlauber71 already mentioned, we at KNIME released a whole new file handling framework with our KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3, which allows a more consistent and user-friendly experience throughout I/O nodes (interacting with local file systems but also cloud storages).

Since this is not implemented for older releases, it is more cumbersome to operate on/with cloud drives in those versions. In your case, it involves several additional steps to download the files from the cloud to local drive and load it back up again. I attached a small workflow which shows you how.

kap442-google-drive.knar (25.8 KB)

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Thank you very much for the information. This is helpful till we get the new server.


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