KNIME AP 4.5.2 multiuser installation

I’m trying to install KNIME AP to make it available for multiple users.
Windows 10 KNIME AP 4.5.2
I found:

That talks about shared installations and references:
I have tried making the configuration folder read only but get an error about configuration folder must be write enabled on the start up of KNIME and it fails to start.

What am I missing here? Are there some other settings to make this a shared installation?


KNIME AP doesn’t support concurrent user installations. If you need to share workflows I would suggest using the KNIME Hub: or checking out a KNIME Server.



Then why does the FAQ say this:

Shared installations of KNIME Analytics Platform

It is possible to setup a shared installation of KNIME Analytics Platform. The considerations for when this is appropriate are discussed in the following document from Eclipse.

The directory containing the KNIME Analytics Platform executable should not have write-access for all users except for the installation owner. The installation owner should not run the KNIME Analytics Platform at the same time as other users. Consider installing the Analytics Platform using a service account.

KNIME Server users should not use a shared installation of KNIME Analytics Platform as the KNIME Server executor.

I am trying to setup a workstation that will be used by different people, not at the same time but different users will sign into the machine and could want different settings.

@StevenLauretti I think this should be possible as being described in the FAQ. You might just give it a try with 2 or 3 users on a system. the folder with the KNIME software itself would have to be write protected. You might have to adapt some settings, but from what I see from the start it might as well work from the beginning.

And they cannot use the same knime-workspace for different people, every user would have to use their own one (typically).

Just to be clear: you might have the same software (version etc.) but you can not use the same workspace if you use the KNIME basic version. The KNIME server will help you with that (sharing, executing and versioning workflows).


@StevenLauretti concurrent users is different than a shared installation - sorry if the initial reply was a bit confusing. @mlauber71 response is pretty spot on.

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This is exactly what I’m trying to do. The workspaces are stored in the \Program Files\knime_4.5.2\configuration.settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs I need each user to get their own configuration settings so they do point to different workspaces, etc.

I will start over with a clean install and see if I can get it to work. Maybe I messed something up along the way.

I have more updates. I did a full clean install and before launching KNIME I write protected the installation folder.
Now when I launch KNIME the configuration items, like the workspaces goes into
C:\Users\slaurett.eclipse\1262000682_win32_win32_x86_64\configuration.settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs and it looks OK at this pont.

Question about the 1262000682_win32_win32_x86_64
The doc:

This section:

The user home dir is determined by the user.home Java system property. The product id and version are obtained from the product marker file .eclipseproduct under the Eclipse install.

A non-default configuration area can be defined by setting the osgi.configuration.area system property. This property can be set by the end user, but it is more convenient to set it either in the launcher .ini file or in the config.ini file at the base configuration location.

indicates this field should be a product ID field from the .eclipseproduct marker file. I don’t find that marker file. I want to make sure we understand where this qualifier is coming from and how it changes with different versions, etc.

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