KNIME AP 4.7 Nightly: Slow tooltips in Python View Node

I hope this is the right place to provide some feedback on the KNIME AP4.7 Nightly build (2022-11-24).


When entering code into the new Python View node the editor freezes whilst the application generates and shows a tooltip. This delay can be up to five seconds for libraries with a large number of properties/methods.


In the following code there is a significant delay after typing go. and fig. whilst KNIME opens the tooltip dialogue box.

import  plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure()


Desired Outcome

The desired outcome would be for no delay when entering text into the code editor. It appears as if the tooltips generation code is blocking the UI thread. Either the code could be pushed onto a background thread (may not be possible); or, there is an option to turn off the tooltip feature. To be honest, the tooltip feature is not adding a lot of benefit within the code editor (though others may find it useful).