[KNIME AP 5.2.3] Missing core nodes on startup

Occasionally I have this pop up when I start KNIME AP, saying 'Errors due to missing node extensions (…) Do you want to search and install the required extensions?


I have these nodes installed already, and I haven’t done anything to alter core nodes, so this is unexpected and odd.

I cannot reliably reproduce it. What I can say for the most recent time is:

  1. I had KNIME AP 5.2.3 open with at least 1 workflow open.
  2. My computer did a routine shutdown (unattended).
  3. I started my computer (Windows 10) back up and later relaunched KNIME AP.
  4. Usually I just close KNIME AP and relaunch it and it comes back fine.

This time it’s stuck on and is ignoring mouse clicks.

I just force-closed the .exe and relaunched. and it started up this time with no problems.

Hi @ajackson,

this issue is known but extraordinary challenging to reproduce and even more to figure out the cause(s). I have linked your post in the following thread where I attempt to bring all others together. Hopefully the Knime Team can find a way to address this quickly.



Hello @ajackson,
I created a ticket for this issue to be looked into and linked several of the similar forum posts.

Ticket AP-22563

Hope this helps,


This appears to be the same issue as discussed in the linked thread above, so let’s please continue the discussion there.

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Internal ticket ID: AP-21672
Fix version(s): 5.2.6, 5.3.0
Other related topic(s):

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