KNIME AP causes XRDP freezes on HPC with AMD cores

Hi everybody,

I am looking for help in a very specific issue. The KNIME support was very motivated to help, but has never seen that effect before. Maybe someone else has noticed something similar and can give some advise.

We are running a native Debian HPC with >200 cores (AMD) where people login via XRDP in order to have their own Debian Desktop to run R/Rstudio and Python/Jupyter. There has never been any problem at any load. Since the device is heavily used it is normal that alle cores are under load.

Nowadays, I was lucky to get permission to also send my KNIME users there, since we often have workflows that need more RAM than normal computer offer.
Unfortunately, when people use KNIME on this HPC other user report freezing XRDP Windows. Sometimes and and for several times even the user itself can for several seconds not use the content of its own XRDP windows. It was stated that this might be explained by the way how KNIME is using single cores. Unfortunately, I do not have the understanding what R and Python do different or if the reason is somewhere else. Another issue could be the use of AMD cores - our regular Intel infrastructure seems not to have that issue.

If you have experienced that yourself in your infrastructure and found a solution, I would be more than happy to hear it. As I learned while working with the KNIME support it is very hard to find out what exactly happens and I would like to start from the other end now.

Many thanks in advance