Knime Application has grown to 2.55 GB

On my Macintosh I've been running low on File Storage.  As I evaluate the situation, I discover that the Knime application is being listed as 2.55gb.  And Growing.  What all is in the program icon.  What are the best ways to keep this trimmed down just a bit.


Hi Tom,

i use KNIME with a Windows OS but i hope it looks and behaves similar with a Mac.

There are three options i can think of:

1.) Uninstall unnecessary KNIME Extensions: You can remove KNIME Extensions that you do not need. You can do this by clicking on "Help > About KNIME Analytics Plattform > Installation Details" on the Menu. You can uninstall Plugins from the List. But i doubt that this will save you a lot of disc space.

2.) Reset unused Workflows: If you saved executed workflows that you do not need anymore, you can reset all nodes and save the workflow again. In some cases this can decrease the size of a workflow significantly.

3.) Empty KNIME Temp Folder: In some cases the temporary files of KNIME do not get deleted automatically. You can find your KNIME Temp Folder by the Menu Item "File > Preferences > KNIME". There you can see and set the path to your temp folder. Check the folder and delete old files manually in order to save some disk space.

That is all i can think of for now. Hope it helps

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