There are all those BPM systems like Appian, AuraPortal, etc. They all kind of operate like KNIME. Has anyone thought about using KNIME as a BPM? If not, what is it that KNIME is missing?

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Hello there, @cageybee!

Thank you for the interesting discussion starter. I am not sure what you mean with BPM systems – do you mean Business Process Management systems? Not sure exactly what aspects operate similar to KNIME as I don’t have experiences with BPMS. What did you have in mind?


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PegaSystems, Appian, IBM BPM, Camunda, AuraPortal, Bizagi, etc. All of these (with the exception of Camunda) are iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suites/Systems). Low-code, workflow-based.

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Hi there,

Do you have any use case where you used BPM and think you could use KNIME?

You are correct thinking KNIME and mentioned systems operate similar in a way how they build workflows - visual paradigm. Difference is that result/meaning of a KNIME workflow is primarily data i.e. results after some data analysis or data in ETL process or data for reporting/business intelligence while mentioned BPMS build workflows for processes. For example this use case is not really KNIME use case :slight_smile:

Although I’m not much into business processes do believe certain parts of it can be mimic/done with KNIME Analytics Platform and a bit more with KNIME Server.



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