Knime Batch Execution - Java exit code 4 - No error in log

I am trying to run a workflow in batch mode… which runs fine without any issues in foreground mode.

I am passing workflow variables in batch execution… I don’t see any errors in console log.

Can someone please guide me what I am doing wrong here. The workflow variables are defined at the workflow level.

Hi @jaydeep1 , I can’t see the full value of the -workflowDir as you obfuscated it. Can you confirm if it’s pointing to the workflow’s folder or to the workflow file?

It’s pointing to the Worflow folder…

Hi @jaydeep1 , there’s not much info to go by…

Command line seems to be ok, and no error message.

I see warnings about the SOAPRequest. I know we can get this type of warnings at the beginning of the workflow as data has not been processed yet, but I am assuming that eventually in the workflow, the required Input tables are provided? And it’s double-checked?

Yes - I get Soaprequest warning in GUI mode too… but that is resolved because it’s created at the run time… what additional information can I provide? I am puzzled. :grinning:

Hi @jaydeep1 , I’m not sure what additional info you an provide… I’m as puzzled too, because there’s no error messages.

Hopefully we can get some input from others.

I tried running again and now showing this error in log

2021-08-26 19:08:27,589 : ERROR : Clear OSGi configuration :  : InvokeUpdateAction :  :  : Could not clean OSGi configuration area: C:\Program Files\KNIME\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\360\0\.cp\os\win32\x86_64\localfile_1_0_0.dll

I ran without workflow variables this time - because the global variables have default values set in the workflow when not set explicitly…

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