Knime Beginner : Is it possible to use OpenSource Community VersionKnime Analytics Platform as the IoT Platform for sensory devices

I am relatively very new to KNIME.
As part of my research objective, I would like to develop an IoT platform that grabs data from water parameters sensory devices, perform ML/AI manipulation, and present it as an intelligence display chart. Can I perform so only using the KNIME open source community version license or I do have to purchase your KNIME server license for it.

2nd What are the capabilities available for KNIME to manage IoT sensory devices?

Hi @abrar and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

As a user, I think KNIME Analytics Platform which is an open source software is the most complete data science platform and regarding the mentioned steps, I say yes, it is possible to do what you want in KNIME AP basically.

Talking about whether you should purchase KNIME Server or not, I think it depends on your needs. Do you need your “platform” to be executed automatically? Is it going to communicate the results as a service? How do you like to present your visualizations? Advanced or basic? Online or offline? Interactive or static? And etc.

KNIME Server has lots of super interesting features. It can boost your platform to the next level.

Feel free to ask further questions.



Thank you Mr @armingrudd , really appreciate your feedback and advice, and again thank you for offering to assist.

What I would like to achieve is basically building a workable prototype IoT solutions for online data analytical of water from lake and river , integrating an IoT platform server with hybrid drone (water and air). It is actually as part of my doctoral research title. Hence I do want it to be executed independently (automatically) either via KNIME features or program scripts or scheduler execution instruction. As it is a research project, Im worried that I will encounter stumbling block@barriers halfway through and that is why I raise the question here. In term of presentation of the data, I should be able to develop small web application displaying the analytical AI/ML graphs presentation generated by KNIME or alternatively to present it within KNIME portal itself if its available within the community version.

Yes as of current after comparing quite a few IoT available platform in the market, I do trust KNIME features are more less better or 1 of the best that could fulfill a complete IoT platform requirement, except for managing sensory devices which I haven’t encounter yet as of current.

Thanks again for helping out.


Hello @abrar,

interesting project you got there. Wondering were you planning to send data from drone to some Server (Iot Platform) and then use KNIME to connect to it and read this data or you had idea to use KNIME as IoT Platform? Guess the first one but the second one sounds exciting as well though not sure how that setup would look like :slight_smile:

Here is blog post about IoT and KNIME you might find useful:

Welcome to Community!



Hi @ipazin

Thanks, and yes I do hope it is interesting enough for others to earn me the doctoral degree :slight_smile: .

My objective@aim was to have KNIME as the IoT Platform itself complementing it with maybe if needed a small custom webabpps . I don’t see why it cant but Im still learning and really appreciate this community forum feedback to advise me on it.

Thanks for the link, interesting indeed.

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Hi @abrar,

I see. Well you have to figure out a way to connect KNIME and drone to get data from it into KNIME. Don’t know much about drones (sensors on them) and way they send data but seems like a good starting point. Additionally here is similar idea as yours only includes mobile phone and Server in between: Use get request to get location of a gps using Traccar Client Services



Thanks @ipazin

Yes I need to figure out way to send the data from the hydrone into KNIME, the earlier example of cumulocity seems interesting by building their own extension. Something Im exploring , thanks for sharing.

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Hi @abrar,

if you’ll have any questions or updates feel free to ask/share. Good luck!


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