Knime Beginners Luck

How can I order the book "Knime Beginners Luck". I have tried it about the Web-Page, but I can't order it, because DATATRANS make errors.

Can anyone give me a good book for introduction in Knime?


Thank You


Sorry for any inconvenience. We are aware that our payment service provider Datatrans does not accept all credit cards - cards with 3D-status "U" are unfortunately rejected - and we have no automated solution for this. In such cases you will be contacted by us and we offer other payment options.


Hello Markus,

I'm a beginner in Data Mining and for me "Beginners luck" was a very good introduction in the handling of Knime. "Guide to Intelligent Data Analysis" from Bertold gives good basic information and practical aspects to data mining.



I bought the PDF book Beginner's Luck about one year ago but I only now have time to go through it. It started well but then it referred to material to be found in the "Download Zone" . I have been totally unable to find this "Download Zone".

Could you please give me a cue?

Thanks for your time!