KNIME Big Data Extensions / PivotalHD compatibility?

I am interested in purchasing the KNIME Server, but our cluster is Pivotal HD.
Is KNIME Big Data Extensions compatible with Pivotal HD?


unfortunately we have not tested the Big Data Extensions on Pivotal HD. Which version of Pivotal HD do you have, and which versions of Hadoop, Spark and Hive does it contain?




Hi Björn,



Hi Marcel,

thanks for the link. According to the Pivotal 3.0 docs you have Spark 1.2.1, which is supported by KNIME Spark Executor. As far as Spark is concerned this should work. You have to install the Spark Jobserver on a cluster edge node however, Step-by-step details for the installation procedure can be found here:

As far as KNIME Big Data Connectors are concerned, we officially support Hive 0.13 but Pivotal is on 0.14, however you could give it a try, since we are just using the open-source Hive JDBC driver here.

My recommendation would be for you to get a trial license so you can make sure everything works as expected on your Pivotal installation: