Knime BIRT Reporting with case switch Data

Hi, I am trying to work with Knime reporting.

In my simple workflow, I’d like to create a step this way:

Read data > go to case (through boolean quickform) - if choose train then go to port 1 else go port 0

if train then train a decision tree and predict > output result
if not then output the initial input table

Through Knime Web UI, it works.
However when I want to create a BIRT report, it needs an initial data load. However it cannot work with the case data. It by default uses the data that is passed through the boolean quickform.

How can I get it so that the report will output whatever it is based on my selection.

Attached is the sample workflow, thanks! (33.4 KB)

Hi @Mizunashi92 -

If I’m understanding your question correctly, I’m not sure this is possible to do in a single workflow. For better or worse, BIRT only allows for a single report format in a given workflow, and since based on your CASE Switch you are sending two different table outputs downstream, I think BIRT is getting confused and doesn’t know how to handle this.

One workaround might be to use a Call Workflow (Table Based) node, and have a separate workflow set up for one of your cases. Since that workflow would have its own associated BIRT report, that might solve the problem. I say “might” because I haven’t actually tried it myself before. :slight_smile:


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