KNIME BIRT (Seperate Pdf pages)

I am new to BIRT and I was wondering is it possible to create multiple PDF outputs. I am using BIRT to design some invoices, and each invoice has a specific Design and a collection of Dynamic text.

My table which flows into the data to report node contains a UID and other columns. And I need one invoice per UID. When the output comes all the invoices come in one PDF, however, I want each UID based Invoice to have a separate PDF.

Hi @shubhamss,

It’s not possible to export report pages separately. But I have a solution for you:

First, you need to put each row of the table in a separate page. To do that select the data row in your table and go to the Properties tab then select the Page Break section and set the value of the “After” option to “always”.

Now every invoice goes to a new page.
Export the current report into a PDF file and go here to split the PDF file. As soon as the file is splitted, you can save all the splitted files at once in a zip file. I’ve been using this online tool for a while and it’s great.


P.S. Here I have found a similar topic in Eclipse community forum. It is said that: “There is no out of the box way to generate multiple documents from a single report execution”.