KNIME blank slate startup setting (without prior workflows)

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there is a setting or ini file adjustment that I am missing which will ensure that KNIME starts without auto loading the prior workflows.

It causes problems when sharing a workspace between two computers via file share platform when an update is required on a computer and an auto open workflow causes a conflict on launch.

Also, in general I prefer a clean quick launch each day to begin my work rather than a slow loading clutter of prior workflows.

Is there a knime.ini trick like “-clean” that gives a true clean blank slate launch without prior workflows?

Hi @iCFO , I don’t know if it can be done via .ini, for sure I’d be interested to know too.

On my side, in order to avoid this, I make sure I close all my workflows before closing Knime. On start, Knime will open the workflows that were still open when Knime was closed. So by having none open when I close Knime, it does not auto-load any workflow when I start Knime - of course there is the rare case where I forget to close a workflow, which is why I’d like to also know if there is such a setting :wink:

But in the mean time, just make sure your workflows are closed before closing Knime :slight_smile:

On a side note, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to share the same workspace between 2 computers. I get that your workflows are in the same place, but I think workspaces might also hold other information and/or meta-data that might get corrupted if they are used by 2 computers, especially simultaneously.

Even working simultaneously hasn’t caused any metadata issues with the shared workspace. I suppose that working on the same workflow at the same time on multiple computers could cause problems if I was sharing a workspace with other users, but since it is just me that isn’t an issue.

I typically always close the workflows before exit, but I was working at night and got sloppy and broke 2 of my rules at once… I also always match computer user names / fileshare root folder locations / settings / synchronize when I do program updates as a general rule to help avoid these kinds of problems.

Even without a combined fileshare location, it would still avoid a lot of problems to be able to always just do a cold open in KNIME without auto loading prior workflows. I don’t don’t even see the auto open as a “feature” as it has only been a cause delays and problems for me.

FYI - There are keyboard commands for “Close All” - Control + Shift + F4 or Control + Shift + W and there is an un assigned one for “Exit” which I assigned to Control + Shift + Alt + End.

I use macro controllers to speed up my work, so for now I will use a macro button to close all and then exit program.

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