Knime Business hub administration Certification-not listing

I’m trying to enroll in the knime business hub administration course, but I’m having trouble finding the exam or courses listed on the certification dashboard. Can you please assist me?

Hi @narayanan,

Try logging into the “KNIME Learning store” website and check the store section for the certification.

Let us know if you have any difficulties accessing the website.

Nagarjun S

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Hi Nagarjun
Thanks for the reply. But i have tried already and couldnt list any of the courses for knime business hub. Please find below the screenshot

if I try to browse knime server course, points highlights to click on the respective link but that also not working

After clicking LearnUpon - output below

@narayanan ,

You should be give first L3 examination then you will be allow to give exam of L2-HA.

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Thanks for the reply. But I would like to understand Knime Business hub administration is the newer version of KNIME server administration and how this relates to KNIME certification L3 examination as a pre-requisites for L2-HA; proficiency in KNIME Business hub administration. Moreover KNIME Server/Hub administration is separate from the DA/DE courses path.

Kindly help to correct me if I understand incorrectly. Thanks.


I think you should contact the KNIME support team because the prerequisite is only L1 Certification for L2-HA: KNIME Business Hub Administration certification.

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Sure. Thanks.
I have raised support case and will keep you updated for the same. Thanks.

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The issue has been fixed now by the KNIME certification team and now its visible for enrollment.

Thanks all for your support.

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