knime business hub data app delete without prompt

Hi Team,

Data app created on Knime Business hub getting deleted without prompting for Global admin members access, mistakenly clicked “delete” button instead of “manage access”.

Can you suggest how this can be restricted or overcome for members who having global admin permission?


Can you clarify what version of KNIME Business Hub you experienced this on? Also if you can clarifiy exactly what was deleted by mistake, or the exact steps that were taken when the issue was encountered I would appreciate it.

Off the top of my head the place that comes to mind where delete and a manage access type function are next to each other is in relation to administering teams. When deleting teams even as the default/global admin it should prompt you to confirm the deletion as per this screenshot:


This screenshot prompt comes while deleting teams. Can you check if you create a deployment (data app, schedule, trigger or service) and try to delete, that will not prompt before deletion. seems its a bug.

@Ashwath5245 Thank you for the clarification. I was able to confirm the behavior you are encountering and checked with the engineering team about it. They confirmed that they already have a feature enhancement on the road map to improve the behavior and user experience when deleting deployments in KNIME Business Hub.

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