KNIME Business Hub - Data app not showing charts

I uploaded this workflow (Data App: Visual Analysis of Sales Data – KNIME Community Hub) to my KNIME Business Hub instance and deployed it as data app, I want to access the dashboard created in the component but when I run the workflow and go to the execution no chart is shown there, just a message telling me that the execution was successful, should I do something else to see the visualizations?


What I get:

The problem was that I uploaded the executed workflow, once I uploaded a reseted version it worked as expected. Isn’t it possible to get the dashboard uploading a executed version of the workflow?

Hi @mvalencia!

Great question! You can still get a dashboard when uploading a partially executed workflow in some cases, but not with a fully executed workflow. KNIME Business Hub will execute any non-executed components in a workflow to create the visualizations/dashboard page, so if you have a partially executed workflow with components that have not been executed yet then those should create dashboards. If you uploaded a fully executed workflow then KNIME Business Hub will see that there are no nodes/components that need to be executed and will produce a “Finished Successfully” page like you what you saw.

I hope this helps!


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