knime business hub - Team members_admin access report

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Can you let me know the right REST API to fetch the member access details for each teams in KNIME Business hub (Admin, member)

Hello Ashwath5245,

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From your message we understood that you want to track User Sign-In/ Access to KNIME Business Hub.

Trough our KNIME Business Hub API this is currently not integrated yet. While there could be possible solutions to that, we have to internally discuss if we can provide something as of right now.

All available Endpoints, functions and descriptions can be found on the Swagger API UI.


We forwarded a feature request to the product team.
I will follow-up here with another feedback soon.

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Hello Ashwath5245,

as of now its not possible to pull this information via API.
You could use the Keycloak Logs to do analysis on login and access behaviors.

For that you can pull them via the web UI of Keycloak or you can also find them in the file system var->logs->containerd->Keycloak

We hope that helps!
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Thanks Alex for the reply. The above API details i have but i would like to know which exact API can give the user is a Team Admin or Team member.

Currently i am able to take the data for Team, spaces with member details but would like to know the role access. Please suggest

Whether a user is an admin or a member is determined based on memberhip in the accountAdmin or accountMember groups of the respective team. Therefore you either have to query the teams for their members or query the individual user and look at team and group memberships. Note that both calls only return the information you are looking for if you are a member of the team.