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I am trying to fetch the list of users details (type user/consumer) using REST API showing in the knime business hub administration Users option. But it not getting as like the same format.showing all as users.

Can anyone guide me how to get the details of users/consumers registered (with email) in knime business hub?.Thanks.

If you query https://api./accounts as the global administrator you will get back all user accounts including team membership. Everyone who is member of at least one team is a user, everyone else is a consumer.

Hi Thor,

yes. i have fetched the user details using REST API (https://api.<>/accounts?type=user) and converted using json path and groupby to get the information. But in this will get only users, not teams they belongs. if i use the option as /accounts - provide only team information.

Can you please suggest your comments and let me know which node to collect both teams and users and segregate accordingly as like in KBH web console under Administration users Tab.

You will get the team information for every user account as well if you make the REST calls as a global adminstrator.

Hi thor,
I am trying with my user id and my id is part of global admin group (admin group under keycloak) . Moreover from the GET REST API, i see team or user under account.

Kindly advise if i am missing anything.

Ah, now I get your problem. We do indeed not return team membership information when you request all accounts. However, you get this information if you request a single account. Therefore you first have to get a list of all user accounts and then request every one of them individually in order to get team membership information.

There is no particular reason why we don’t return this information when retrieving all users. Therefore I opened a feature request to add this to one of the next Business Hub releases.

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Thank you thor, for the update and taking care. :+1:

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