Knime cannot execute a workflow

Hi everybody, in my company we developed a workflow to one our customers that executes well in my computer, but I cannot execute it in my customer computer.  (i) We load the workflow, (ii) We press play, (iii) The progress bar increases, (iv) Knime suddenly exits, (v) customer is not happy.

My computer specs are: 

Hard Disk: 250 GB SSD

Ram Memory: 4 GB

Knime Java Heap Space: 3 GB

Knime Version: 3.4

Processor: AMD Quad-Core Processor (up to 1.4GHz) 1.00 GHZ. 64  bits

OS: Windows 10 


My customer pc specs are: 


Hard Disk: Dunno

Ram Memory: 8 GB

Knime Heap Space: 5 GB

Knime Version: 3.4

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 2.94Ghz 

OS: Windows 7 pro 64 Bits


The workflow specs are: 

Workflow size with data: 33 MB

Workflow size without data: 1 MB

Amount of node: 9** aprox


As you see my PC has less capabilities and it works properly, but in my customer the workflow cannot be deployed.  My customer is a financial institution so they probably have "corporate" stuff in its computer. 


I wonder if it may be that my customer computer may lack a java patch or a kind of update

Thank you


Can you please ask your customer for the knime.log file and post the relevant section here?



Hi Roland, I am uploading by the time an image of the knime workflow but from my computer which executes Ok. 

Maybe the workflow state nodes are the cause of the problem. See this case:

Thank you 



Hi guys the workflow is working properly the problem was the corporate antivirus/firewall/intrusion detection system that was killing the Knime process.

Thank you Roland and Jon

Best regards



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