KNIME Certification

I want to take up L3 and L4 exams as well and am looking for material on page.

The material for L3 is straight forward.

The learning material ((training material) page lists timeseries, big data, chemical data, ML algorithms and text processing for L4 level.

However for L4 the FAQ page lists that the following will be tested in the test. can you please point out the correct material to prepare for these topics.

L4: Proficiency in KNIME Server Setup, Management and Administration

  • Contents:
    • KNIME Server Basics (compatibilities, recommendations)
    • Setup and management of KNIME Server
    • KNIME Server architectures
    • Using KNIME Server REST API
    • Setup of enterprise-ready environment (permissions, authentication)

Thank you in advance.


Hi @smurari,

We don’t offer a KNIME Server administrator course. Hence, there is no dedicated training material. Instead, use the following sources of information to prepare for the examination:

Best regards,


Thank you… this helps.

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