KNIME Chatbot for node suggestions/best practice?


I was reading about AI-based code generators like OpenAI Codex and was wondering if there is something like that for KNIME, but instead of generating code it could suggest nodes or create workflows.

Often I create complicated workflows just to discover a node some weeks later which does the job better and quicker. Something like a chatbot could probably easily answer most “which node do I need” questions or at least suggest options.

My apologies if this topic was already discussed, I did use the forum search but nothing came up.


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Hi @TobiP,
the chatbot approach is indeed an interesting idea to discover nodes in the KNIME universe, which is - as you already know - pretty big! Thank you for your suggestion.

Related to that, what KNIME offers at the moment is the workflow coach. It is a tool built-in in every KNIME installation and suggests you a list of nodes to attach to your workflow, based on community usage. It works just as text autocomplete on your smartphones, saves a lot of search time, and can help you discover new nodes. You can turn it on via the menu View → Workflow coach.



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