Knime Closes automatically whenever I use tag filter or other text preprocessing nodes.

I am trying to do text analysis and prepare a tag cloud, but whenever i take tag filter or case converter or any of the preprocessing nodes and try to execute the node, the Knime automatically shuts off and knime window get closed. I am using Knime version 4.1.0.
Please help me on this issue.
Here is the error log file generated.
Thank you.
hs_err_pid20060.log (174.8 KB)


Welcome to the KNIME forum.
Is KNIME shutting down directly after pushing the execute button or does it take some seconds/minutes?

How big is the dataset you are trying to process? It might be you are reaching the memory limit (that is by default at 2GB). You can change it in the knime.ini file by manipulating this property: -Xmx2048m
To monitor your memory usage while running a workflow you can go to File-Preferences-General-> check Show heap status.
Then you will see it on the bottom of your KNIME window like this:



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