Knime Continental - xls Background Colorizer - the provided input is not a valid xls control tabel

Hi everyone,

i installed the continental extension for formatting xls files.
When I work on an entire table and use “Excel Reader” + “xls Control table generator” + “xls background colorizer” after the excution I get this message: “the provided input is not a valid xls control tabel”

What can I do?
Thanks to anyone who can help me

Hi @Tano92,

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I’m not sure why you are getting this error message. Can you maybe share your workflow, so I can have a quick look?

In addition you might want to have a look at this small example

or at the last chapter of the free From Excel To KNIME book, which gives an introduction into working with the continental extension.


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Thank @Kathrin .

This is the picture of the workflow

Hi @Tano92,

can you please hover over the yellow triangle below the XLS Control Table Generator and share the warning message with me?


Hi, then the problem I have with a sensitive data dataset (not with other datasets).

I solved the problem by doing two things:

  1. removing a column with telephone numbers
  2. changing the excel format from xls to xlsx