Knime Core Development - issues with launching AP properly

Hello everyone,
To start with, thanks for Your time and support - I will try to be as precise as possible.
I went through GitHub - knime/knime-sdk-setup: KNIME Analytics Platform - SDK Setup and followed each step. I also added custom java extension (numberFormatter) and it works.
Now I have to made some custom changes in NodeModel.class which is a part of Knime Core.
So I followed " Explore KNIME Analytics Platform Source Code (Advanced)" but it doesn’t seem to work:
It still uses knime core from target:

How I can force knime to use my imported as “Existing Projects into Workspace” knime-core?
Should I run some maven task? I am using latest Knime AP version 4.7.

Hi @simonides007,

You need to import the source code (available from github: GitHub - knime/knime-core: KNIME Analytics Platform) into your workbench as eclipse projects. To me it looks like only the top-level project was imported, try right-clicking it and select “Configure → Configure and detect nested projects”


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