Knime Crashes after change in memory size

Hi All, 

I am dealing with large files \tables so I had to increase memory size in knime.ini but when i write something like :

-Xmx16g or -Xmx2048m knime crashes and does not open.  In 16g case, says failed to launhc java virtual machine. Another interesting observation, in Knime.ini when i add one space before the like (i.e.   -Xmx16g) it accpets and opens but the heap size is around 248 M. here is my knime.ini 

and I have 

Xeon 3.5 GHz

32 GB Win 7


You are using the 32bit version of KNIME. You cannot use more then ~1.4GB in this case.

Thank you. I did not pay attention to that.