KNIME crashes - how to debug ?

I’ve created a node and sometimes during execution of this node KNIME crashes, but not always. I’ve looked in the log and I see the following message:

2021-01-18 22:34:43,692 : INFO : KNIME shutdown hooks - org.knime.core.util.FileUtil$$Lambda$134/478627488 : : FileUtil : : : Deleting 59 temporary files.)

How can I debug this message? Appearently something is happening with the file that is not allowed. But which function is called? What were the arguments? Hopefully there is some more things I can try before extending my node with additional log message.


Hi @ashgard,

Can you share more of the log with us? Also do you have DEBUG logging enabled?
I do not believe that the log portion you posted is the real culprit, that looks like a cleanup job runnning before shutdown to me.


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Hi Gabriel
Thanks for your reply.
DEBUG was not enabled, so I enabled it now. Since I changed to DEBUG the crash didn’t happen anymore. I’ll let you know when it happens and send the log file.

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