Knime Crashes on OS X after update

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the security settings of OS X, in particular System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy (link), causing a serious issue if Knime gets updated.

I granted Knime full disc access but after the update of Knime something changed and the app fails to access the disc. Even, though, the settings are still enabled. I also can not remove Knime or de- and reactivate it in the privacy settings.

This causes Knime to crash. Wonder if anyone has an idea, despite removing and installing from scratch, how to fix that?


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Update: Apple Support stated to reach out to the developer. I did not managed to find a way to force delete Knime for the settings. Will check if Onyx can help, maybe a permission issue but they already seem to be fine.

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I remember other people having similar problems. If I remember correctly unchecking and checking the disc access checkbox solved the issue.



Thanks but that is unfortunately impossible. The checkbox won’t uncheck nor can I remove the App from the list.

When starting Knime and trying to access files it seems to work but fails i.e. for the Downloads folder. Very mysterious.

Disc Utility and Onyx did not improved the situation. All access rights were fine.

Found the solution.

  1. Rename the Knime app. This causes the setting to get deactivated
  2. Delete the deactivated item
  3. Add Knime manually back to the full disc access list

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